Get To Know Voterama In Congress

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We welcome requests from newspapers, news sites, civic and interest groups and other organizations that follow congressional activity. We do not provide our service to individuals except through our public-access web site.

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Our Editors Speak for Us....

“We get so many readers who follow this feature, if we miss it one week, we are deluged with calls.”
 -- Carol Goddard, Senior Editor, Pioneer Press Newspapers, Suburban Chicago
“The succinctly presented information gives a fantastic snapshot of what our lawmakers are doing in D.C., and often provides a source for more in-depth local reporting based on issues dividing our legislators. I highly recommend this addition for any newspaper looking to localize the federal pipeline."
 -- Michael Gibbons, Managing Editor, Aiken, S.C., Standard
“Your service is accurate and reliable and runs like clockwork. Especially appreciated is the clarifying language that is always included when a `yes’ vote is really negative on a piece of legislation and a `no’ vote really positive. And your staff is always responsive to inquiries. You provide a great service vital to democracy.”
 -- Chris Powell, Managing Editor, Journal Inquirer, Manchester, Conn.
“We find the congressional voting reports valuable information for our readers. Even in these difficult days of cutting back, we will continue with your service.”
 -- Susan Spring, Director of Newsroom Operations, The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C.
"We make a serious commitment to covering the work of Wisconsin's congressional delegation with a two-member D.C. bureau, and the weekly vote chart is a tremendous (and cost-effective) supplement to their work."
 -- Carl Schwartz, National Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel